Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Black Ops 2 Zombie Trainer v1.4

zombie trainer 1

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Version: 21.31.3
VAC Status: VAC2 does not seem to be present (this is a good sign). However, you should still use at your own risk because people can report you. Whether they actually check reports is another question.
- Unlimited Ammo, Health and Money applies to all players.
- I am unsure how the Players tab will react with Nuketown Zombies as I do not own the map.
- If you choose Knife as your weapon, press the fire button to attack.
- The Monkey Bomb does not dance or attract zombies if you didn't get it legitimately
- Do not change your lethal weapon if you are currently using an akimbo weapon, otherwise your game will crash (it's fine to change it if you don't have it anymore)
1. Start the trainer and the game (doesn't matter what order, you get a cookie if you start the trainer first though).
1a. (optional) Tick Force Host and click on Public Match. Choose a map and wait a little, then you'll automatically be host.
2. Choose the options you want and enjoy.
3. If the Jump Height is not high enough, try lowering the gravity. You can also use F1 to toggle the AI freezing (make sure to tap it quickly).


Changes since version 1.4 (24th November 2012):
- Unlimited Money and Health now support all players
- Fixed the bug where the 4th player did not get Unlimited Ammo
- Added Lethal and Tactical weapon selection (Semtex, Concussion, Monkey Bomb and Flash)
- The 'Weapons' tab (previously 'Players') can now recognize player names
- Added Force Host
- Fixed the naming of RPD and added Ballistic Knife
- Fixed akimbo support, the game no longer crashes

Changes since version 1.3 (24th November 2012):
- Separated the options into categories
- Added the ability to set player weapons for all players
- Confirmed that Unlimited Health only works for host
- Added host and in-game checks

Changes since version 1.2 (23rd November 2012):
- Fixed Jump Height slider
- Added Unlimited Ammo and Unlimited Health support for all players not including the other team (not tested)

Changes since version 1.1 (22nd November 2012):
- Updated for 21.31.3 (fixed FOV, No Spread and Instant ADS)
- Fixed some toggles that did not restore values on untick
- Added Rapid Knife and No Bob

Changes since version 1.0 (21st November 2012):
- Initial release

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black ops 2 zombie trainer

black ops 2 zombie trainer 2

black ops 2 zombie trainer 3

black ops zombie trainer 4

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