Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Modern Warfare 3: .NET External ESP v3.2 [1.9.441]

Click here to download
What is .NET External ESP?
It is an External ESP hack that was coded in C# by me. It is designed only for Modern Warfare 3 in windowed mode. You must be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled.
This is a virus/trojan?
It's obviously a false positive, I NEVER include viruses, malware or any malicious code on any of my releases. The reason why anti-virus software pick this up as a virus is because I've designed it to avoid VAC detection by generating a unique file each time the launcher is launched (hence the 'Dropper' term used in AV signatures because it 'drops' a copy each time it's launched, MSIL refers to the fact that the hack was coded in .NET). Please add the file to your AV's exception list and don't spam this thread with "OMG, dis is virus, don't download". I completely understand why they flagged this as a trojan but trust me, it's not! I am against viruses and would never use/create any to harm others.
Is is detected?
As of now, it is UNDETECTED. As with all hacks you download, use at your own risk. This does not inject or write into the game's memory so there is a lesser chance of it being detected. So far, it's been 6 months and there have been no reports of bans.
What maps are supported by the radar?
Only the 16 standard maps, 2 Face-Off maps (Aground and Erosion) and Terminal have background images. Other maps will fallback to the legacy radar seen in previous versions of the hack. The reason why the other DLC maps are not supported is because I do not own them and can't add them. You might find a couple of their background images in the maps folder but I've just left them there for future use.
I can see the bar at the top but now my game window is black?
This seems to be related to the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers. If you are running an NVIDIA card, please make sure to disable FXAA via the NVIDIA Control Panel, thanks to @aceado for the fix. Click here for an image.
What OS does this work on?
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7
- Aimbot
- BoxESP (with Turret/Helicopter/Plane support)
- Snaplines
- Distance ESP
- Crosshair
- Radar (with map backgrounds)
- Status/Menu bar
- Configurable settings
- Name tag
- Triggerbot
- VAC countermeasures to make sure this stays undetected.
Virus Scans:
MW3 .NET External ESP v3.2 by master131.rar - Jotti's malware scan



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